18. September 2018
3. Oktober 2018

| 03.11.2018 | Einlass ab: 20 Uhr | Spendenempfehlung 5 € |

Konzert mit Club K aus Malmö, Schweden


Club K, the seven headed musical hydra out of Malmö is spreading the
gospel of flower power, whale salvation and beats to transform Madame
Tussaud´s into a rythm inferno. Bringing lo-fi to a high spiritual level
known to conjure the spirits of Zappa and other Beerhearted individuals,
Club K surfs, sways and swings its way into the hearts of any audience,
living or dead. Roll over Abba and shake your cares away. Club K is
Starting as a three piece in the small town of Kristianstad back in 2012,
the band has since evolved into a fenomenal seven member indie-pop
collective. Club K has in support of their EP ”I´m a whale” and their
debut album ”Let M Shake” toured their way through Europe and it
doesn´t seem to stop. This year, a new album recorded in the legendary
Tambourine studio, will be out.

Noch mehr Infos zur Band gibt’s hier.

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